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StrategyQuant Professional
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Computer Generated Forex Trading Strategies Platform

Every trader who is engaged in Forex market dreams about how to create their own unique trading strategies or an Expert Adviser. The Forex trading is often compared as the game of chess. Unfortunately the size of the chess field is quite small and the number of chess pieces is limited where as the number of different combinations of moves in the Forex Trading is close to infinity. Strategies Quant is a program that automatically generates unique trading strategies for forex, stocks or CFDs. With the help this software you can find profitable trading strategies for virtually any market, any timeframe and any chart type. To use this software you need not exhibit any programming skills or trading knowledge.

It is powerful strategy developer platforms that take use of machine learning techniques and genetic programming top generate new trading systems for any market or timeframe. This trading software includes the most complex strategies performance analytics on the market. It even contains several powerful tools that allow you to test your strategies for robustness to avoid over optimization. The StrategyQuant automatically generates requires new trading strategies in fraction of the second. It takes help of various combinations of technical indicators and price patterns for the entry rules and combines them with various order types (market, limit, ...) and with various exit rules (fixed profit target, trailing stop, etc..). In the end of the test of new strategies on the historical data helps you to find out to be profitable.

  • It helps you to build unlimited number of unique trading strategies.
  • It helps you to Develop strategies for any market or timeframe virtually.
  • With the help this software you can save your strategies as a MetaTrader Expert Advisor with full source code.
  • You can eliminate the manual labor previously that requires developing of trading strategies.
  • It helps you to find new trading strategies that are not only unique but are also not obvious.
  • It reduces the time that is requires for building strategies from weeks and months to minutes.
  • It even helps you to improve the existing strategies.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8

Features of StrategyQuant Professional

Four working modes:

It helps you to build, retest, improve, retest on different symbol or timeframe, optimize creating of strategy, gives improvement in adding/replacing the parts, to optimize it.

Robustness Tests with Monte Carlo analysis:

It helps you to reduce the risk of the curve-fitting for historical data, increases the strategies robustness.

Powerful filtering capabilities:

It lets you to configure the properties of the desired strategies such as profit, drawdown.

Build-in Walk-Forward Optimizer with unique Walk-Forward Matrix:

It helps you to analyse the strategy performance during the periodical optimisations and helps you to choose the best optimizations frequency.

Support for over 40 technical indicators and price patterns:

It supports many indicators some of them are Indicators, Time values, Price values, Candle Patterns, Operators, predefined Simple rules.

4 Entry types, adaptive Stop Loss, 7 Exit methods:

It helps you in entering the market, Stop, Limit or Reverse. It gives an adaptive SL and PT, Trailing stops too.

Fast Backtester with multi-core support:

It is a very fast backtester that are capable of testing the strategy on a historical data in few milliseconds.

In Sample and Out of Sample Testing:

With the help of StrategyQuant you can divide the history data to In Sample and Out of Sample parts.

How it works - Random generation of trading strategies

The trading strategies in the initial population is constructed using the combination of price patterns, order types, technical indicators and other parts that form an entry and exit rules.

This StrategyQuant is used in all standard technical indicators and oscillators (such as CCI, RSI, Stochastic, etc), time values (such as time of day, a day of a week) and price patterns. The building blocks are the combination using the logical and equality operators (and, or, >, <, etc) that forms an entry or exit rule. In addition to supporting different entry and exit order types market order, fixed profit target, limit order, exit after X bars, etc).

With the help of all the possible combination of rules and orders, StrategyQuant is capable of generating millions and millions of different possible trading strategies

The building process of it is completely random-the building of randomly picks different building blocks from the available pool and let’s combine to create entry rule, order type and exit rule. There are many valid constraints that ensure that for example the prices are not compared to the time value, etc. It results in completely new and random trading strategies.

Not all the randomly created strategy is profitable, but the StrategyQuant generates and tests thousands of new strategies per hour, and with high percentages of strategies among which are profitable.

Using Genetic Evolution

Genetic Evolution takes over the process of finding suitable trading strategies. In this mode, the StrategyQuant first creates a number of random strategies that can be used as initial population in the evolution.

The initial generation phase of strategies has been evolved over successive generations using genetic programming technologies.

This process of generation phase exhibits evolution- the algorithm helps to choose the fittest strategies (using selected performance criteria) in every generation and the group of fittest candidates that can be used in producing new generation of trading strategies.

This evolution results in better and better candidates, in this case in strategies makes it more profitable, more stable, or generally better in the selected performance criteria.

How to use Strategies Quant Software

Program Screens

Program configuration and settings screens

Generating Strategies

Generation strategies and evaluation of the results

Advanced Features

Improves existing strategies, robustness tests, portfolios and Walk-Forward optimization and analysis

System Requirements

Processor:Intel Pentium or higher processor
OS supported:Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8
Hardware requirements:1GB or higher RAM, 100MB free hard disk space for installation.
Trading Strategies Platform

You can receive the license code immediately after you paid.

License benefits
  • Activated full version without time limitation.
  • Free technical support.

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StrategyQuant Professional

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