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SniperSpy Mac
Manufacturer : Retina-X System

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Monitor Mac System Remotely

Now, you can monitor your Macintosh activities from any location and any computer. SniperSpy Mac will allow you to track all activities from your online account. You can log in from any device like PC, iPad and smart phone. After installation of this program, it can record all performed tasks silently and send it to your online account. You can login securely to your account and see the data. With it, you are also able to view real time activities and live screen online. This application will enable you to view chat logs, browse the file system, keystrokes and much more. You can also perform live monitoring functions by using the live Control Panel. So, in order to expose the truth behind the lies, just try this software and perform this task in the easiest way.

Need of this software –

  • Child Monitoring: Software allows you to monitor what type of websites has been visited by your child or teenagers.
  • Employee monitoring: Software allows you to monitor what type of websites has been visited by your child or teenagers.

Compatible with Mac OS X v10.6 and up.

There are many features in SniperSpy Mac that enable you to accomplish more tasks. You can see the details which are mentioned below:

  • Monitor Your Mac from Any PC or Other Web Devices.

You can monitor all of your Macintosh activities from anywhere and any web devices. Just, install this application on your Mac that will run in hidden mode and login to your account from any devices and web browsers. All the recorded data will be there in your account which you can see by logging in.

  • LIVE Control Panel for Instant Monitoring.

There is an attractive feature called LIVE Control Panel by which you can monitor your Macintosh tasks in real time. You can view the live keystrokes, live screen, system processes and many more. Besides, you can send messages to user, run screensaver, launch application, restart computer and shutdown computer remotely.

  • Record The Activities for Easy Online Viewing.

This application is able to record a wide range of computer and internet activities for viewing the details online easily. It can capture actual screenshots, keystrokes in most languages, visited websites, full chat conversation, application execution, file uploads, mapping location and so on.

  • Additional Features of SniperSpy Mac.

SniperSpy Mac has some additional features by which users can accomplish some additional tasks. It is able to display graphs of the most accessed apps, URLs, Searches; you can browse logs securely through HTTPS secured web panel; you can see results from all users or from a specific user by applying the filter option; you can choose whether or not the user will be notified when they are being monitored.

So, without wasting your time, just try this software in order to expose the ultimate truth and if you want to perform this task in the easiest way, then SniperSpy Mac will definitely help you a lot.

How does it works

When you installed Sniperspy Mac on your Mac system, it will start to track a variety of spectrum of the both online and offline activities. If anyone else uses your Mac system, software silently records the activities and send it to a remote server or your personal control panel. All data are backed by the actual date and time.

To ensure the safety and security of the log detail, Sniperspy Mac uses HTTPS internet connection. It also allows you to keep images of the log information. You can view the capture images anytime. Image size is adjustable.

What can I monitor - :

After the installation of the software, it starts silently recording and uploading activities to the private control panel. From there you can visit it anytime. From the application, you can monitor –

  • Actual Screenshots
  • Websites Visited
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Location Mapping
  • Full Chat Conversations
  • Applications Executed
  • Application Durations
  • Auto File Uploads
  • File / Folder Changes
  • Pasteboard Activity

How to Monitor Mac system remotely --

Get the software and install it on your Mac System.

Splash Screen Menu:

This menu setting will give user the option to display a message on the installed computer each time it is powered. For this, check the Enable Warning Message box and click on the Save button.

Activity Report Menu

With the setting of this menu, application will uploads recorded logs to the online account. Here user can select the time frame means time interval.

System Requirements

Operating System: Mac OS X v10.6 and up
Monitor Mac System

You can receive the license code immediately after you paid.

License benefits
  • Activated full version without time limitation.
  • Free technical support.

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SniperSpy Mac

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