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Quick Overview

PhoneSheriff is parental control software that allows you to track all the activities like incoming call, outgoing call, incoming SMS, outgoing SMS, visited websites, used applications and browsers and many more of another smart phone. If you want to track your child’s smart phone activities, then just install this small app on your child’s smart phone to start recording. Once it is installed, you can track all the activities like call information, SMS text messages and the GPS locations through the secure online control panel which can be accessed anywhere in the world just by using a username and password. The activities and GPS locations have been uploaded to your PhoneSheriff account through the internet and you can see all the details on your secure account.

With this powerful software, you can be able to filter and block some particular activities like you can specify a time when no calls can be made or the smart phone cannot be used. Besides, you will get informed when a SIM card will be changed and you can view the GPS locations with maps every thirty minutes with this software. You can also be able to lock the phone during certain time with this application. So, in order to track or monitor all the activities, try PhoneSheriff parental control filtering software to perform your monitoring task without any difficulty.

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What is the need of PhoneSheriff

If you are worried about the activities of your children or employee and you want to monitor their activities then this phone monitoring software is really helpful for you. It allows you to monitor and restrict the smartphone and tablet activities. With the help of this you can track their activities and able to block those are not suitable.

sms blocking web bloacking time restriction content monitoring

  • Logging Features -
    • Text Messages : You can see the sent and received SMS along with the phone number with respective date and time.
    • Call History : You can monitor the incoming and outgoing calls along with the phone number with data and time.
    • GPS Logs : GPS locations can be tracked automatically with dedicated maps at regular intervals you set.
    • iMessage Logs : All the iMessage chat conversations will be recorded automatically along with date and time.
    • Notes Logs : By turning on the ‘Note' option from the logging menu, all events and notes which are created on the iPhone will be recorded.
    • Contacts : All of the old and newly added contacts in the smart phone will be tracked.
    • Photos : Record all the photos and videos that are created on the smart phone.
    • Calendar Entries : All the old and new calendar entries will be recorded.
    • Application Installed : Record the list of all applications which are installed on the tracked smart phone.
    • Visited Websites : Track all the visited websites through the internet browsers on the smart phone.

  • Alerts -
    • Custom Alert : You can create an alert for some particular words so that you will get alerted whenever those words are used or received in the phone.
    • Profanity Alert : When some rude words or abusive content goes through the phone, then Profanity Alert logs are created.
    • Intrusion Alert : Track all the logs of wrong PIN and SMS commands which are tried in the smart phone.
    • Geo Fencing Alert : when the tracked smart phone travels beyond the perimeter which you have set, you will get alerted.

  • Filtering Features --
    • Application Filtering : You can filter some particular application which is inappropriate to open in the smart phone.
    • Website Filtering : With this application, you can filter the inappropriate websites.
    • Custom Filtering Websites and Contacts : You can block some websites and contacts by customizing a blacklist/whitelist of such contents in the smart phone.

  • Create Time Restriction - : You can set a certain time during that time each day phone will get automatically locked. You can also choose to lock the entire phone or lock it to make call during that time period.

  • Remote Locking - : Lock/Unlock the device remotely or get the instant GPS locates by using the special SMS commands. You can also wipe the data of the phone remotely.

  • Multiple device management -- : You can login to the account to view what is happening inside the interface of the phone or see the results. You can access account to monitor multiple-platform devices.

  • Backup, Restore Data and Factory Reset -- : You can create backup of smartphone data and keep it with you and incase the phone get lost or stolen you can restore it back with the backup data.

  • Remote Uninstall - : By using the online control panel you can uninstall PhoneSheriff from your phone from a remote location.

Parents are more concerned about their children while they are using internet. Parents are aware with the danger of Internet. As today, smartphepone and tablet has become the necessity for most of the adults. For parents it becomes necessary to protect their children from the danger of Internet use. Most of the children are note so mature to use their smartphone and get trapped in Internet.

For parents, PhoneSheriff helps you to monitor the activities of their children over phone. It keeps you children on the right track and out of harm's way.

Restrict the use of Phone or Tablet

Today, most of the teenagers use Phone or Tablet in excessive way. If your child is not so mature, he starts to abuse it which will affect their schoolwork. Phonesheriff allow you to solve the problem by blocking certain functions of the phone or tablet at certain time. Either you can lock entire phone or certain function.

You can block specific numbers from communicating. If you think your child need not to communicate with any single number then you can block that specific number. PhoneSheriff allows you to do this in just that. You can also choose to block SMS text messages, phone call or both for any number. Beside this you can also records all text messages and information about each call.

Track your child via GPS

Now you need not to worry about where your child actually is after school or after skipping school. With the use of PhoneSheriff you can track the location of your child with the latest smartphones and tablets which have a GPS receiver built inside.

Monitor SMS and call information

A popular trend among today's teenagers is called sexting. Sexting is text messages of a sexual nature. But with the use of PhoneSheriff parents can know if their teen is sexting or worse. It will record the activities of your child's cell phone. It makes full logs of every text message sent and received, and logs vital information about each phone call.

buy cheap phone or tablet monitoring software

Today, businesses totally rely on mobile technology for their employees. Most of the time it leads to the low productivity as employee spends their most of the time over phone when they need to work.

With the use of PhoneSheriff you can track or monitor the use of phone or tablet in office by your employees.

Restrict the use of employee's phone -

If you think your employees are spending lots of time in checking emails, Facboook, tweeting for the personal reason via phone or tablet in working hours then you need to restrict them and you can do this with the help of PhoneShreiff application.

With this you can block the certain function of mobile phone for certain period of time each day. Either you can lock the entire phone or just the ability to make call while the other functions of the phone remain operable.

Employee GPS tracking

How do you know your employee is travelling efficiently to and from their assigned destinations? Do you suspect that they may be taking side trips for personal reasons? Then you need to track the location of your employees.

PhoneSheriff can utilize the GPS receiver in your employee's smartphone to act as a silent GPS tracker. In every 30 minutes, It captures and uploads GPS locations and you can get instant tracks by sending a hidden SMS message to your employee's phone.

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