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PDF To Excel Converter
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Convert PDF Tables to well-formatted Excel Spreadsheets

PDF or Portable Document Format files which is a universal standard format that are platform independent. This means that wherever you want to open a PDF file its format and layouts always remains the same. However the biggest disadvantage of it is that it can’t edit PDF texts, graphics and tables. It can be easily created from other file types such as Excel Spreadsheet and word documents. But it is difficult to convert in the other way. This can easily be done with the help of this software.

PDF to Excel Converter helps you to extract data from almost any type of PDF file without losing the original format of Texts, Tables, Graphics and layouts. Mac users can convert easily their PDF files to Excel efficiently with this converter. It supports encrypted PDF file Conversion and not only this it helps to preserve all the elements of the original PDF files such as images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, graphics, columns. After converting the files users can extract the elements in its original PDF files so that it can be reusable in other applications. This high efficient converter allows the users to convert many PDF files at one time. This mode of conversion is very useful for converting high amount of PDF files. It helps to edit, print and copy password protected encrypted PDF files if the password is set to restrict printing and editing of PDF files.

Why to Choose PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel Converter is a powerful converter that is specially designed for Mac users to reuse PDF tables in Microsoft Excel files. It helps to convert the whole PDF tables to editable Excel spreadsheets and helps to recover all the texts, numbers and layouts in the PDF tables. It is very helpful for people who want to collect and analyze data all the time.

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 & Windows 7

  • This PDF converter helps to convert each and every page of the PDF file into Excel spreadsheet without any hassle.
  • Grants 2 options for preservation-Retains the original format of forms and Retains value without formatting.
  • Retain Original Format of Forms-It helps to preserve the original format of PDF tables.
  • Retain Value without formatting- This option is default option which allows the users to preserve the original text numbers and layouts, but not the format such as table border and color.
  • It supports PDF tables export up to Microsoft Office Excel 2008/2011.

Encrypted PDF table conversion
  • If password protected PDF files by Owner password (the password set by the owner for protecting the PDF file from copying, editing and printing. This converter helps these files to convert directly.
  • If the PDF files are protected by User password (the password which is set by the owner for protecting the PDF from opening, and only the right password can open these PDF files), this converter helps to convert even these types of files easily.

Partial and Batch Conversion Modes
  • The Partial Conversion Mode allows the Mac users to select the pages or page range for converting. In this mode lots of time is saved when a part of PDF file is needed to convert into Excel spreadsheet.
  • Batch Conversion Mode enables the Mac users to convert up to 50 PDF files at one time in a batch. This mode is highly useful and efficient when users need to convert multiple PDF files.

Easy to Use
  • The PDF to Excel Converter comes with easy to use interface that is simple and easy and guides the Mac users throughout the whole process for converting PDF files.
  • This PDF to Excel converter supports drag and drop operation, this functionality helps users to easily add or remove the PDF files in or out of the panel or change the conversion order.

How to Convert PDF Files to Excel Files

It allows the users to transfer PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets efficiently and easily for Mac users in 3 easy steps.
Step 1. Import PDF files

Firstly you have to drag and drop PDF files to PDF to Excel converter. This makes all the files to be displayed on the main interface. You can upload up to 50 types of PDF files to this app at a time.

Step 2. Customize options (Optional)

On each PDF item bar, Click the Selected Pages column. you will be able to select page(s) or page ranges from a PDF to convert. You can set a path to save the output Excel spreadsheets at the lower part of the main interface.

Step 3. Convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets

Now Click on Convert button to convert pdf to excel

System Requirements

Opearing System:Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista
Minimum Hardware Requirements:500 MHz Processor, 256 MB Memory, 100 MB Hard Disk Space
convert pdf to excel files

You can receive the license code immediately after you paid.

License benefits

  • Activated full version without time limitation.
  • Free technical support.

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PDF To Excel Converter

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