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Convert 20 + Email Clients MBOX Files to MS Outlook PST

Want to convert MBOX files to Outlook, EML or MSG? Now conversion of MBOX files to Outlook PST, EML or MSG has become much easier than before. MBOX converter the smartly programmed software helps the user to convert ore import .mbox file into multiple application such as Outlook, Outlook express, Windows live mail, Windows mail. You can simply convert or export multiple MBOX files and save it in different file format such as .pst, .msg, .eml, which is supported by various emailing applications.

This software is compatible with any type of MBOX files with or without created by using the application such as Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, PocoMail, MS Entourage, PowerMail, Netscape, Postbox, AOL Eudora etc. It provides selective email file export option and allows you to create specific PST file for each MBOX file or can merge the files to single PST file.

  • You can convert or import Multiple MBOX Files to PST/ EML/ MSG
  • You can Scan and Preview the MBOX File Emails with the Attachments
  • It offers the option to Convert & Merge various MBOX files into a single PST File
  • You can create single Outlook PST for the each MBOX File
  • You can Convert MBOX to Outlook PST file without Outlook.
  • It can merge multiple MBOX files to single PST File
  • It also supports Bulk Conversion of MBOX files
  • It can import various MBOX files to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 etc

Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

How this MBOX Converter is Different from other application?

If you are like some people who want free email converter apart from the complicated or inaccurate application. Then you need an email extractor or migration tool which is easy to use and quick.

MBOX format file is flexible on Mac operating systems but not in Windows system. In front of users number of situation arises that force the users to switch from MBOX to Outlook PST, MSG & EML Format. Through this way accessing the data stored inside the MBOX format file become very easy. MBOX Converter is the topnotch tools available in software market to help the users to export MBOX to Outlook as well as EML and MSG files. Generally, Outlook, Outlook express, Windows mail, Windows live mail is preferred because most of the people make use of Windows operating system and MS Office package that include Outlook and various other default emails clients in compare to the clients supported by Mac OS, Windows is easily available in reach

Batch Export MBOX File

MBOX Converter is standalone software that can convert various MBOX files to PST/EML/MSG format in bulk. You can add various MBOX files save them in a common folder and convert them. You can convert all the MBOX as separate PST file or simply merge them into a single file.

3 Options to Export MBOX File

You can convert MBOX files into thr3ee different file formats which is supported by various application such as: Export in MS Outlook application, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc.

Support various MBOX Formats

MBOX file is the commonly used file format created by various applications in different file format such as .mbox or .mbx or MBOX file without any extensions. MBOX files are craetaed by the programs such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, PowerMail, Postbox, PocoMail, Netscape, Eudora, Spice bird, Evolution, SeaMonkey.

Convert Thunderbird to PST

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the commonly used email clients which store its data in .mbox file format. So in order to move the file from Thunderbird to Outlook you need convert MBOX to PST file.

Convert Entourage to PST

Entourage is the commonly used email client manger for Mac users developed by Microsoft. This application creates and stores the data in .mbox file format that can be easily converted to PST format using MBOX converter software.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

As apple Mac mail is saved in MBOX format if user want to move their emails to MS Windows Outlook then they need to convert the file into PST file format.

Convert Eudora Mail to Outlook

If Eudora user wants to convert their MBOX files created by Eudora into PST file then they need to use MBOX Converter . This software will surely help them to convert the.mbx format into PST file format without any inconvenience.

Gmail to PST Conversion

MBOX Converter also support conversion of MBOX format backup of your Gmail emails which is created by using Google.

Convert Selective Folder or Items

You can even import only the selective emails from MBOX file and save them to PST format. Just choose the emails and right click on it to convert them into your desired file format.

Create Single or Multiple PST Files

MBOX Converter provide you various option while converting the MBOX to Outlook PST file. Create single PST file to merge the MBOX files in single file and create a PST file. Create Various PST File to create single PST file for each MBOX file.

Multiple File Naming Options

While converting the MBOX files as the MSG or EML the software offers an option to select the appropriate naming pattern to save the email. Some file naming conventions are: Save as subject, DD-MM-YYY, MD5, DD-MM-YY, MM-DD-YY, Auto incremental and many more.

Split Output PST File By Size

While the conversion process MBOX file(s) to format the software offers additional choice of splitting the PST file. The split option allows you divide the data of output PST file by size. You can specify the desired file size in GB or MB and split your PST file.

Scan MBOX From various Files

The software is built in with the advanced set of algorithms which make it capable to scan the MBOX files. The tool filters out MBOX files for scanning from various file types.

Multiple Folder View Options

See the folder items of MBOX file. Right click on any folder from tree view then you will get the list of v3 options. Click on Close all, Collapse all to end the tree view of MBOX, and Expand all to view the folders in a file respectively.

Support Windows 64-bit Version

MBOX Converter is Windows OS based program which successfully almost all the versions. In addition to that the software has extended the support provision to both; 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows OS.

MBOX Converter Manual Guide

Here you have a complete guide on how to convert MBOX files into PST, EML and MSG file formats. Simply follow the below given steps to perform the conversion process easily and quickly.

Step 1: To begin the conversion process move to Start Menu » Search MBOX Converter » Hit & launch the tool

Step 2:Now hit on the Open button present on the navigation bar you will find a Windows as present in the below image:

Add File : Choose this option if you want to add the single or multiple .mbox file(s) with the manual selection.

Add Folder : Select this option if you want to select the multiple MBOX files from the folder in size.

Step 3: After browsing the MBOX file, hit on " Add Button " to start the scanning process of MBOX file.

Step 4: Scan Files from the Subfolders and Folders

MBOX Converter automatically scans and loads the MBOX files separately after filtration from the variety file types. Once the scanning gets over, Hit "OK" to proceed.

Step 5: Multiple Folder View Options

MBOX Converter software lets 3 right click options on left side as: "Close All, Collapse All, & Expand All" in the tree view.

Step 6: Now after scanning software loads all MBOX files and create a preview of emails. Hit on "Normal Mail View" tab to preview email body.

Step 7: To preview the attachments, hit on Attachments tab. You will see the attachments such as PDF, Images, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, etc. using the tool.

Step 8: You can switch to view mode of emails, i.e. either as the Horizontal or Vertical View as per your ease.

Step 9: To convert the selective emails to PST, EML or MSG just choose emails and right click on it to export selected items. An export window will pop up with various Options as shown below. .

Step 10: Choose the file type in which you want to convert the selected files i.e. PST, MSG or EML.

In "Split PST" Option : You get the option to split the data exported as PST by size in GB or MB respectively.

You can even choose the naming convention (relevant only for emails) to save file and browse destination location to save the file. Then hit on " Export " button to begin saving the files.

Step 11: As the export process starts you will find the below Windows displaying the details as shown in the below image.

Step 12: After the export process gets over the Export Report will be created by the tool. You can use the report for future reference and can save it in CSV format.

Step 13: Now to export the MBOX files with the complete data hit on "Export Button" from navigation bar.

Step !4: This export Windows will give multiple options like:

Save MBOX to PST : You can either create single PST for all MBOX files or just one PST file for all MBOX file as per you need.

  • Export MBOX to MSG : It can convert all your emails from MBOX files as .msg.
  • Export MBOX to EML : It stores all the emails of MBOX file as .eml.
  • Split PST: This option let you split the exported data as PST by size in GB or MB.

Next, Choose preferred Naming Convention to save your file. And browse the destination location to save file. Choose the MBOX files you want to export and then click on Export button to start the process.

Step 15: As soon as the export process starts, you will get the following windows which will display you the complete process. You can even stop the process sin between if required.

Step 16: After exporting multiple MBOX files a report will be generated showing the path of the selected MBOX files and saving the location of the exported files (PST, MSG or EML). Hit on Save button to keep the report for further reference/

Step 17: You can export the Report saved in CSV format.

Step 18: View the converted PST file; navigate to the individual destination folder selected. You will find the list of PST files created.

Step 19: Launch MS Outlook and you will find the following screen as shown below.

Step 20: Click on File » Open & Export » Open Outlook Data File

Step 21: Choose the PST file which you want to open and see in Outlook.

Step 22: As soon as the PST file gets imported you can see all the items present it. So you can open CSV file via MS Excel to see the export report.

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
Hard Disk : 20MB Free Space or above.
Memory : 512MB (1 GB or higher recommended).
Processor : 1Ghz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
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  • Free technical support.

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