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Hard Drive Clone
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Create Clone of Hard Drive

Copy of one hard drive to another is called cloning. Cloning doesn’t mean back up. Before a drive is cloned, you should have a perfect copy of everything that was on it, i.e. the software, the operating system and other all files because when you clone a hard drive you recreate its entire partitions, environment and all. A clone is a copy of bit for bit so that the data copied on hard drive should be same as on original drive. You can use cloned drive in another pc. It would work like your old system making an ideal backup of a damaged pc.

Cloning a drive or saving a backup image requires some place to save your data. When you back up an entire image, you should have a drive of larger capacity or equal set aside for backup. For cloning purpose, you should have a drive as much memory as the drive you are cloning. Clone a drive because sometimes you want to upgrade to a bigger drive or because sometimes your current hard drive fails.

Hard Drive Cloner is software to create exact clone of a hard drive from any possible cases of data lose. It provides an option to make image of any version and copies the entire content of a hard drive to another medium. This image of hard drive stores the full content of the hard drive which proves to be useful in any kind of data loss. With the help of Stellar Drive, the clone of hard drive is created which takes very less space because it avoids the bad sectors in the drive that are unused. Clone of a hard drive is a same copy of other hard drive and this can be easily done by Stellar Hard Drive clone software. If you want full back up of hard disk and overcome quickly after the hard drive crash, than using Stellar Hard Drive clone software will be the great benefit. If the target drive is of higher capacity, Stellar Hard Drive Clone can resize the volume in the target drive to make full size.

Compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5


This is an efficient software for hard disk to hard disk cloning for Mac users. This is the most easy to use cloning software in order to create clone or image of a particular Mac volume on the complete Mac drive.

  • Cloning: The Mac drive utility allows you to create a sector by sector copy of your hard drive or volume on another drive, network drive or volume. The software used to facilitate the block-level and file-level cloning as well. With the help of this feature of this tool, you can also clone FAT, HFS, HFS+ and exFAT based volumes or drives with an ease. This tool also has the capability to replicate the exact contents of a solid-state drive or drive formatted with MBR partition scheme to any Mac drive.

  • Restore: You can now easily restore your Mac volume for the volume image file created previously or the folder that contains the backup/clone to the specific volume with drive cloner. This tool restores the Mac disk image to the volume even without missing on any data and overwriting the files that exists in the volume with the clone image.

  • Imaging: With the help of Mac disk imaging utility, you can create image of any Mac OS X based hard drive. You can also now keep the copy of your vital data of the hard drive and then restore your volumes if there is a system crash or missing volume or other issues. You can easily your files at any location on the drive.

  • Boot DVD: There are major two benefits of hard drive clone for Mac users – first one is the ‘Create Bootable DVD’ and other is ‘Create Minimal System Drive’. The bootable DVD and the minimal system drive used to help in starting-up your Mac system if it fails to boot. You can now include different applications and then run them from the DVD in the Bootable DVD. In the same way, Minimal system can be created that includes the most important system files.

  • Backup: The Backup feature of Hard drive clone is much more than cloning. This used to take a backup of all the folders and files that you have selected at a specified destination. You just have to choose the volume from the list, the files/folders. It used to take the backup of the data automatically.

Hard drive cloning is the process to move your complete data from one hard drive to another. This has been practiced by most of the Mac users to maintain complete backups of their hard drives. One of the best use of cloning can be seen when your hard drive have a physical failure and so you need to keep data safely to avoid data loss. There are several other benefits of hard drive cloning, have a look to know:

  • Full System Backup: Hard Drive Cloner is the best tool to create a working copy of system. There is no need to reinstall OS and software applications in the event of hard drive failure. You just have to swap your Mac HDD clone drive with the failed disk and you can get your system running in just a few seconds.

  • Upgrading Hard Drive: With the help of cloning, it has now become very easy to transfer everything on your hard drive to another hard drive. This is very helpful when you wish to upgrade to a new spacious hard drive for your storage niche.

  • Provisioning New Computers: With the help of Hard Drive Clone, you can now easily load the same operating system and software configuration on several computers. It allows you to enable the provision multiple Mac systems more conveniently with minimumfuss.

Generally, a Mac drive image used to consist of the complete data from the source drive that includes the file structure. Because of the fact that they are exact snapshots of the original drive, those images can be used during the disaster recovery in order to restore your valuable data. Drive imaging used to come in handy when you are required to create a backup copy of Mac drive. This feature is described in details as follows:

  • Disk Utility as an Imaging Tool: A special handy tool – “Disk Utility” is a built-in application of Mac that sued to enable you to carry out several tasks on Mac hard drives and other removable storage. You can create a disk images with this utility. This utility can image Mac disk in order to store your files and vital data that you are required to secure against disasters and other human errors.

  • Data Backups: With the Data Backups, you can easily backup Mac drive by simply creating drive images and when needed. Moreover, you can also have the flexibility to revert to a preferred configuration of the system by just taking incremental backups of the Mac drive.

  • Imaging with Stellar Drive Clone: Hard Drive Clone is a special drive imaging software for Mac users that images your Mac hard drive sector by sector in order to capture complete data from the hard drive. The image file created with this Mac disk imaging application that usually need less storage space because all the bad sectors and unused space on drive are excluded.

Mac users used to create and delete several files from the system hard drive. Most of the time, the process of file deletion or volume formatting is intentional, however, sometimes it is an accidental incident that results in the loss of valuable data. There are large number of unexpected instances of data loss which includes system crash, hard drive failure file system corruption, operating system malfunction, etc. If you want to continue this task even if you lose the data, you just have to keep a clone copy of your hard drive volume at a secure location.

You can use a bootable disk to run an operating system and start up your computer. A Mac boot DVD will be consists of a bootable copy of Mac OS X that includes Mac boot file and optionally some software applications. The compatibility of this DVD will depend on the machine on which it is created.

  • Create Mac Bootable DVD is Needed: There are large numbers of good reasons that necessitate creation of a boot disk that contains a bootable copy of your Mac:

  • Every Mac machine do not ship with the feature of recovery mode. If you face problems while booting your Mac then your bootable DVD comes in handy.

    When the Mac hard drive suffers from a severe corruption or damage and your Mac becomes unbootable then you can use this bootable DVD to boot your Mac and then regain all your lost data.

  • Using Disk Utility To Create Mac Boot DVD: Disk Utility allows you to create a bootable DVD if you have your OS C Install DVD. A disk’s bootable duplicate can only be created with Disk Utility. In order to do so, you have to create a disk image that represents the exact duplicate of the contents of your OS X Install DVD. After you make a disk image, you have to burn this image to a blank disc to prepare a Mac boot DVD.

  • Using Stellar Drive Clone to Make Bootable Mac DVD: Hard Drive Clone is a multifarious tool that used to provide a comprehensive range of features to secure your Mac against any type of disaster. Besides embedding disk cloning and imaging capabilities, the software allows creating a Bootable DVD for your Mac system.

Recovery HD, also known as Lion Recovery is a partition that recovers your Mac following some logical failures. This is an invisible 650 MB bootable partition that used to automatically gets created while installing Mac OS X Lion. The OS installer separated the portion of the boot drive and then includes some essential utilities in it to create the Recovery HD.

Requirements For Creating Recovery HD: You can only create a Recovery HD when you install the Mac OS X Lion onto an internal hard drive that has been initialized with the GUID partition scheme. Or the internal hard drive should have a single partition.

You can now clone your Network drive with Hard Drive Clone tool. Look at the need of connecting two Macs below:

Need of Connecting two Macs

There are several occasions when you actually need sharing files with another Mac machine. One of the most common reasons for connecting Mac desktop or notebook computer to another Mac system is sharing the files between them. Apart from this, there are several other needs such as saving copies of vital data on another machine or cloning the source drive to the network attached Mac hard drive.

  • Clone Mac OS X Hard Drive To Avoid Data Loss: Dealing with a failed hard drive and rushing to data recovery service providers is the most annoying issue than anything else. Even if you recover your lost data, there is no security that the service provider can bring you back all your lost data.

  • Cloned Mac Drive Keeps Your Important Work Going: There is no need to worry over data loss if you have a clone copy of your Mac hard drive because you can restore your data at anytime. Apart from this, there is no need to keep waiting for your hard drive to be ready and you can continue your on-going works from the cloned hard drive.

  • Clones Macintosh HD: Hard Drive Clone for macOS Sierra clones or creates a mirror image of startup disk. It also used to clone macOS Sierra Solid-State-Drives (SSD), Volume to other Network Drives.

  • Restores a Cloned Volume: With the help of Hard Drive Clone, you can now restore a cloned volume back to a folder just with the selection the source and a destination to which the data of the folder will be restored to.

  • Disk Imaging: You can now create a disk image or .dmg file of a volume, solid state drives, attached external hard drives, etc. You have to select “Source” drive and provide a “Destination” in order to start the disk imaging process.

  • Schedule Your Backup: The special feature of this tool helps their users to backup macOS Sierra data and also it schedules an entire backup of macOS Sierra data to a safe location.

  • Create a Rescue USB: It has become so easy to make a bootable working copy of your Macintosh HD with the help of this special tool. Also, you can now add your preferred applications and start your Mac with the rescue USB whenever it is required.

How to Clone Mac Drive

Step1: Introductory screen of Stellar Drive Clone. Click "Continue"

Step2: Clone of the module of the software comprising of four options to clone a Mac hard drive

Step 3: Software gives two options whether to clone without any changes or to resize the source drive on the destination drive.

Step 4: "Imaging" module to create image of the hard drive or volume. Chose destination and save it to any location.

Step 5: You can restore previously cloned drive or created image of the hard drive or volume back to its original state.

Step 6: Create a bootable DVD to clone the BOOT volume of your system. You can create the DVD with the currently installed applications to boot the system.


Opearing System:macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5
Hardware Requirements:50 MB of Free Space
Memory:1 GB RAM
clone hard drive easily

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