Folder Lock

Folder Lock
Manufacturer : NewSoftwares

Size: 10.00MB

Category: Security Software

Unit Price : $ 39.95

Complete data protection solution for PC

Folder Lock is an innovative thought in data security which permits you to not only lock, hide and password protect your files or encrypt your files and folders but also can backup your encrypted files so that it can be secure your online account and also keep your data synced at all time so that won’t face any trouble about the confidentiality of data and also data loss. In addition to encryption and secure backup of your files, Folder Lock also provides an extra award winning data protection features which include Lock Files, Make wallets, Protect USB/CD and Clean History.

This Folder Lock is one and only data protection which has an online backup solution that provides you true end to end encryption along with password protection of all your personal and confidential files at all times. This is one of the best data protection tools which can protect all your portable devices. It may be USB flash drives, pen drives, external hard drive, floppy disks, Zip drives etc. even you have the option of creating a new Locker on or even can move an existing Locker to your own selected external drive

With the help of advanced government level 256-bit AES encryption on your desktop and 128-bit encryption for the all online communications, Folder Lock provides you with end to end data security so that it can save all your data. It maintains all data with confidentiality and integrity at all times. Folder Lock has been a cutting edge program in data protection along with security applications with a complete form of data security functions and provides advanced data security features.

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Lock files
Folder Lock protects your data from unwanted access by blocking access to the files, folders and programs. It makes possible to lock files and folders in windows Safe Mode and it is also easy to use and easily understand user’s interface which allows single hit data protection that is direct from the context menu.

Encrypt Files
With the help of Folder Lock, you can encrypt your personal file by using 256-bit on the fly military grade encryption technology and can create storage lockers that keeps all important files encrypted as encrypted lockers are dynamic and smaller in size when it is created but it grows as your storage increases.

Secure Backup
You can upload all your private data that you keep in lockers without manually managing your backups as secure backup process is automatic and because of it all the changes or modification to your files are synched. This is the only resolution which offers end to end data encryption and backup simultaneously.

Save Wallets/Cards/Passwords
It provides make wallet feature with the help of which you can save your credit card and debit card information by using 256-bit AES encryption. You can keep safe your identity from thieves and criminals by securing your debit and credit card information. Therefore personalize your digital wallets with the custom icons that help you to organize your banking information.

Protect USB/CD/External Drive
With the help of protect USB/CD you can easily convert existing lockers so that it can become portable and enables you to bun locker onto CD/DVD and if you wish you can copy the encrypted lockers to a USB by using the USB drive. It allows users to send sensitive data over the internet and also you can send private data and some other confidential email very securely with the help of encrypt email attachment feature.

Shred Files
Folder Lock offers shred file feature which enables you to delete personal data very securely and removes all sketches that lead to your personal identity. This shred option gives you many variety of deleting file and there is no limit of how many or what type of files you can delete. With the help of Folder Lock’s shred option, you can shred the entire hard drive so that all the data is securely deleted and cannot be recovered again.

Clean History

With the help of Clean History in Folder Lock, you can delete your online digital footprint that removes all mark online and also you have the way to clean windows temp files, open and save and clip board data from any of the computer system. It cleans media history and word pad history with the help of clean history.

Steps to lock files, folder and drives.

With the help of below mentioned guide using Excel Password Remover software, you will be able to remove the Microsoft Excel files password quickly and easily.
Guide:Step by step guide to remove MS Excel password-

Step 1 -

Before beginning to lock the file, folders and drives with folder lock, you need to run Folder Lock and then enter your master password which you have set during the installation. You will get ten options to enter the master password and once it is entered to access your locked files, and then hit on “OK” so that you can continue to the Lock files list.

Step 2 -

After you have access the lock file feature, you will be shown a list of locked files. This locked file will be empty if you are entering the lock files for the first time. You can add file or folders by dragging and dropping option otherwise you can hit the ‘Add’ button. After you have entered the entered the lock file list window, you can begin to add your data for locking.

Step 3 -

If you want to add file or folders to the locking list then you have to hit on ‘Add’ button on the top menu. After that you will be given a pull down menu along with options so that you can add file or folders or drives.

Step 4 -

If you want to add file, then simply hit on ‘Add file’ option and after that choose your file. Even you can select multiple files and at last hit on ‘Add’.

Step 5 -

If you want to add folder, the simply hit on ‘Add folder’ option in pull down menu and after that choose your folder. After selecting your folder, hit on ‘Add’

Step 6 -

If you want to add Drive to the locking list, then just hit on ‘Add Drives’ option in the pull down menu and after that select your drive. And at last hit on’ Add’

There is also a possibility to add your files, drives or folder by dragging them anywhere from your computer and then drop into the program window. After the selected item is dropped, it gets listed in the locked items.

Recommended System Requirements

OS Supported: Pentium IV or higher running Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/ Server 2003/2008
CPU: 20MB of hard disk space only
Hardware: 1GB RAM or higher

Minimum System Requirements

OS Supported: At least Pentium 3 running Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/Server 2003/Server 2008
CPU: 20MB of hard disk space
Hardware: 512 MB RAM
lock folder on Windows

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