Excel Project Management Template

Excel Project Management Template
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Manage, Plan, Monitor Various Project

Project Management Template for Excel is a software application that simplifies project planning, managing and tracking with programmed group effort features. The financial budget and resource requirements update as it create the task and customized to allow tracking of project risk all the way through the project. It can serve as a simple prioritized to do list with in-built reminders or work as a full featured project manager. Group effort and project managing features had made simple with applicant file import and generation to report status of project.

Its intuitive and customizable use-friendly interface makes the software simple and easy to use. It completely works fine on almost all version of Windows operating system and supports all version of Excel such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8

  • The project funds progress automatically as assignments are added and modified and can also be controlled separately with unit types and related costs.

  • Assignments formation can be speed up through the use of company particular predefined project assignments content texts and phase as well as other defined arrangement consideration.

  • The optimized project to do list is created automatically by considering the availability of contributor along with other promised assignments, dependencies and allocated timing limitation.

  • Project assignments dependencies, overall contributor output and allocated timings and other list can be clear and are displayed in schedule calculation.

  • The project Gantt chart is created by using conditional formatting such as daily, weekly or monthly and it shows the completion status of each task with detailed assigned information and budget data.

  • The project status information makes use of Earned Value Analysis and provide snapshot with capability to analyze progress and display it in graphical format that shows cost and allocated performance to monitor project progress over time.

  • Separate workbook for each participant with assignment details and Gantt schedules can be created automatically and sent to participants. E-mails with text based can also be generated automatically for each individual to allocate further project management and collaboration.

  • The status of the project progress can be easily updated by adding the previous created spreadsheets altogether that have been already submitted by the participants for assignments progress or it completion. While adding project progress checks are made to make sure data integrity and to remove errors.

Project Resources and control

Project parameters are used for setting up dynamics of the project in centralized control panel. The key parameters of project show the reporting display and automated schedule rules for project management and planning task. Regular project phase and assignments text can be modified to particular business domains and project types to speed up the creation of assignments. Human resource management offers suppleness to provide coarse of level of productivity to each participants to reflect the current availability which can be consecutively overridden in assignment. Financial resources provide the list with unit types cost that can be defined and managed by itself and can also be updated automatically during the process of assignments. The main role of project control panel is that it provides a quick access to several process and reports in the project management template.

Project Task Management

Project assignments can be imported and updated by using the input window that provides the definition of assignments characteristics. Modified texts can be imported and previous assignments task can be copied to gear up the assignment creation. The time, unit and financial resources are calculated automatically at the time of hiring participants and time duration is precised. Calculated and resources provided to the participants can be specified separately to update the overall project budget. You can also execute the auto timing to allocate time duration for the most efficient project assignments by considering participant productivity efficient, assignments dependencies and project stage main concern. However, the timing can be reallocated as assignments are revised and updated with status, progress, etc.

Project Gantt Chart Scheduling

The Gantt chart schedule is a great tool for project tracking and project scheduling. It can be created at any point of time during the project assignments. The Gantt chart can be created daily, weekly or monthly for project scheduling that depends upon the scope of the project timeline and project tracking necessities. Project assignments can be classified with colored cells equivalent to each time period in the project timeline. It provides the complete and full information on overall assignments and time period is provided that can be accessed along with the comment box over the assignment title and colored cell. Cell comments pass on the assignment information along with participant’s information such as time period taken for production and resources consumed. The lower part of the Gantt chart shows the total scheduled, hours completed, along with capital expenditure cost per time period.

Project Collaboration Tools

Project to do list can be created for each candidate as Text based emails or Excel spreadsheet. The candidates excel sheet will contain the subset of the work plan and Gantt charts for the task that have been already allocated to the candidates. Text based e-mails provide the additional explanation that has been modified in the template with assignments information valid for candidates. The advantage of the excel sheet creation is that it include the common spreadsheet format that can be viewed, opened and edited to any other spreadsheet program such as Open office and iWork numbers. It also has the capability to add multiples progress updates from modified files of each participants. It gathers the information from the imported files for assignment progress and assignment completed and updates the overall status reports automatically.

Project Progress Status Monitoring and Reporting

Create a project budget and uses the Earned Value Management (EVM) template system to track time spend over the task. It can be updated at any point of the time. It shows the project status report that includes the start and end time and reporting dates in the project control with detailed assignment information that helps in analyze the project progress. Help icons provide the report details throughout the project performance metric used and how they should be interpreted to track project progress. There are two metrics that sum up the project status that are schedule performance index that track timings and cost performance index that track the resources. There is also extra project reporting sections are available that include expected project timing under or over run and unit completion analysis, cost risk analysis, Schedule and Cost performance can be monitor over time with chart providing snapshots of the schedule performance and cost indices. Performance snapshot can be selectively removed to modify the historical style for analyzing the reporting requirements. Project performance can be analyzed at regular interval to easily track the progress within the Excel project management template.

System Requirements Excel 97 - 2013
Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
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